Let’s get planning!

If you know me, you know I love planners. I'm honestly mildly obsessed with planners. My freshmen year of college my friend showed me this Instagram account of a cute mom that was about to have twins. I followed her because.... she makes planners... how could I resist the photos of her sweet kids, her … Continue reading Let’s get planning!


Celebrate Life

Man oh man! I love birthdays. I’m not sure if it was just in my house, but we celebrate birthdays all year round. Literally, I celebrate my birthday in July, and then 6 months later in January, I celebrate my half birthday. But it’s not just birthdays we celebrated, my mom was always so happy … Continue reading Celebrate Life

A productive day as told by a procrastinator

          Mother Nature really kicked us today. She knows it's Monday. She knows this week is the most stressful for us college students. She knows I just got my boot off, and I need to walk slow, and yet, She sends us rain. You all know, I like to be real. … Continue reading A productive day as told by a procrastinator

12 Things Girls Actually Want for Christmas

"I don't know" "I don't care" "I don't really need anything" "whatever" These are all quotes from girls mouths when asked "what do you want for Christmas?". We see things we want everyday, but for some reason when we get asked that question our minds go blank. I complied a list of everything that girls … Continue reading 12 Things Girls Actually Want for Christmas