Weekly Items

All the bolded words are links to the exact item I am talking about!

I partnered with Amazon to give you guys these weekly items!  I love how Amazon offers 2 day shipping and now some things are same day. It is so handy when I don’t have time to get to the store! Plus the buttons for items you buy a lot is a game changer. I can hit my tide button and it will order me more tide! HOW PERFECT?

I love how unique each item is, and yet you can get them all on Amazon. I switched to buying everything off Amazon and I have saved ton of money on shipping since a lot of the time I get free shipping, and if it’s not free I’m only paying for it once, rather than twice if I used different websites! I found these items to be especially helpful this week, so check them out!

  1. Amazon Echo Dot– who doesn’t love their dot? I have heard of the dot ordering things when you didn’t mean to so be careful when you are watching TV and an infomercial comes on!
  2. Fire Tv Stick- This is so easy to use, and perfect if you are a lover of netflix like me. I can now surf the internet on my laptop and watch netflix on my tv- WIN WIN!!! Capture1
  3. Sipa Pens– I ordered this because I needed $5 to get free shipping on an expensive order, so hey I got these pens and saves $10! They write so smooth, the colors are perfect, and they don’t bleed through paper. In my last post I talked about felt tip pens, but these are my new favorite!
  4. Rolling Cart– My desk doesn’t have any drawers so storage is a big problem for me. This cart is perfect because not only is it cute with my little bins on it, but it rolls! I can take my supplies so easily to the kitchen table if I want to work there instead! I think I might also get one for my bathroom it’s so cute!
  5. Sheets– Order these sheets and you will thank me. I was always one to buy the cheepiest sheets but these are 800 thread count and they made all my dreams come true! Totally worth the price for a better night sleep.
  6. Amazon Dash Buttons– Here is a list of some of the most useful buttons! You can get them for anything, from pet food, to diapers, to water bottles, whatever you need.
  7. Lilly Pulitzer Alanna Dress– Who knew you can get your Lilly fix on Amazon? This cold shoulder dress was from last year, and thankfully they brought it back this season! The tassels are so cute, and when you buy everything on Amazon you save on shipping. I got my Lilly and toilet paper all in one place! LOVE!!
  8. Joe Jeans Flawless Honey Curvy Skinny Jean- These have been my favorite jeans since High School. I wear them pretty much everyday. I have them in most of the washes, and when my pair got too old I just bought a new pair! I was thrilled to find them on Amazon!
  9. Bath Bombs – 9 bath bombs for $27???? Yes please! They have real flowers in them, which in my opinion makes them seem even more luxurious. I love love love Amazons Homemade section! They have so many types of bath bombs, and soaps, and jewelry, and so much more. It’s a lot like Etsy but on Amazon.
  10. Personal Necklace– How cute is this necklace? I love A Delicate Initials Heart Necklace in Gold Silver Rose Gold Personalized gift for Women Three Charmsbeing able to use it to mix my metals. I have a gold ring I wear everyday so when I want to wear silver earrings I’ll wear a gold charm on a silver chain and it pulls everything together. Plus it’s just a cute everyday necklace!





*Using my links will not cause any sort of up-charge. The prices will remain the same, however they are affiliated to me.

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