Let’s get planning!

If you know me, you know I love planners. I’m honestly mildly obsessed with planners. My freshmen year of college my friend showed me this Instagram account of a cute mom that was about to have twins. I followed her because…. she makes planners… how could I resist the photos of her sweet kids, her simplicity tips, and a planner?

Last week I got my Simplified Planner! I have been trying out different types of planners and I am so ready to try this SP (except it doesn’t start until August- major bummer). This post is comparing my SP to my Day Design Planner. I hope it’ll help all the students, busy women, or whoever out there that is trying to decide what planner will best help them.

The major difference between these planners is the price. Day Design Planner has a ton of different versions ranging from $12-$25. The one I’m showing in this post was $15.99. SP has 2 versions- the daily is $58 and the weekly $48. The SP I have in this post is the daily version. To me, price doesn’t matter as much. I’d rather spend more for a good quality product, than save the money and not be happy with what I have. As a student, I check price before I buy anything. That is mainly the reason why I haven’t use SP before now (shoutout to my Grandma for giving me my SP for an early birthday present).

Day Design Planner is very customizable. The planner I have has daily pages as well as weekly pages. The pages aren’t pre-dated so if you go on vacation and don’t need your planner, you don’t need to waste pages.

I prefer my SP because the days are pre-dated. I find that I use my planner more when the page is dedicated to the day. I know it sounds silly but I don’t like wasting pages so I find that when the page has the date on it, I use it so the page isn’t wasted.  I also prefer my SP because the months are dispersed through the planner, and are tabbed. In my day planner all the months are grouped at the front, and I find I’m constantly searching for the page, or month I need.

Both planners are unique, so choosing one really depends on your personal preferences. You can purchase the day planner at target, and the SP online or at certain Monkees stores.

One other thing to consider though is the SP brand. SP is a whole brand that Emily Ley and her team created. Emily shares simplicity tips that really have helped me organize my life. The SP is really geared towards knowing what you have to do and when you have to do it. There isn’t much extra, except those adorable HAND DRAWN stickers! (excuse the blank sticker spots- I couldn’t help myself and already used some)


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