A Short Letter to High School Seniors

Y’all! Don’t wish it away! Looking back on my Senior year of high school, the one thing I regret is wishing the time away.

“I can’t wait to graduate”

“I can’t wait to leave this town”

“I can’t wait to be in college”

I said all of these, and more, about how much I hated high school and just wanted to be in college. Let me explain something to you. While college is very fun, it is also the hardest 4 years. Your summers are no longer spent by the pool, or on the beach, but in an office filing papers, and just hoping to get enough networking experience you can find a job. As you get ready to graduate later this month, remember that even though you may be total ready for college, and “done with these high schoolers”, this is the last time you will be a Senior in high school. This may be the last time you see some of your classmates, or friends all together! Cherish every moment, go to every game, go to every event, do everything you can, because honestly, you’ll miss it more than you know.


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